(2020 / HD / 16:9 / Stereo / English / 13' / United Kingdom)

A haunting dream about a shapeshifter creature outset an intense and hypnotic journey through the constructed environment and its encounter with the human psyche.

The Aspect of A Human, employs the urban landscape as a possibility for self-refection and transformation.

A film about memory and perception, places and spaces and ultimately metamorphosis.


This project is born by the will  to unveil the encounter between humans and their surroundings. The effects that the environment have on our society is been a recurrent theme in my work, and in this film I approached it from the point of view of the urban architecture.
There is something enigmatic about the buildings and the structure that surround us.

We made them, but sometimes they can feel oppressive and overbearing, as if humanity was just a marginal presence in a world made by the architecture itself.


Written, Edited, Directed: Luca Serventi
Voice: Emily Charlton
Sound Design: Nicola Tirabasso
Production Assistant: Silvia Galofaro